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Working With Us/Volunteer!

This Life Foundation is a non-governmental, non-For-Profit body founded to support child-headed families, women and youth in Northern and North-Eastern Uganda. The foundation provides direct support to disadvantaged children, particularly orphaned children who lost their parents to the war in Northern Uganda as a result of abduction or killed by the Lord Resistance Army led by Joseph Kony. Our support ranges from helping a child stay in school through child sponsorship, providing psychosocial support to children exposed to traumatic events, provision of scholastic materials, providing access to medical services and ensuring children do not go hungry.

The Foundation also seeks to support, mentor and engage young people in Australia as development partners in the development of Africa; to ensure the continent is a place for children.

Opportunities for Male Jobseeker: Horn of Africa

Opportunities for male Jobseekers who have migrated to Australia from the Horn of Africa Background; who are 25 years and over. This is a free program where you will learn the skills to help you find your ideal job.

Position: Volunteer Coordinator!


We have exciting volunteer opportunities with us as below;


Work Type: Volunteer Position

Work Setting: Mainly Office-based


About the role

The Volunteer Coordinator is a Part-Time position (2-3 days a week), will be responsible for the coordination and supervision of our amazing volunteers.



Volunteer in Australia


Following months of consultations with young people from African background and their families, we have created opportunities to provide support to young people dealing with social challenges and lacking morale support and the guidance they need in our communities and the larger Australian society.


Our findings shows that, a number of young people from African background struggle to fit in Australian society due to discrimination, lack of moral support, lack of information and inaccessible to services. It also shows a struggle with career choice and the general lack of motivation due to setbacks experienced  and a feeling of lack of belongingness. We have the opportunity to provide mentoring services to young people from African backgrounds.

Volunteer in Uganda!


The foundation works in communities with Child-headed families, young people in need of psycho-social support, home visits to families affected by domestic violence, school visits (to schools of children we support). Volunteers have the opportunities to participate at different levels in the following ways;


Guardian Angel Mentors and Monitivators (GAMs)


We support children and young people who are critically vulnerable in communities and as a result we have put in place the GAM program to ensure families we support have access to support from within their communities or nearby communities. Our GAMs will visit and monitor the welfare of children in their homes, connect with our GAMs teachers, and report children`s situations to the Foundation staffs for follow ups and further support when necessary.



We need people who will go out and create awareness on issues around vulnerable children and young people living in communities. We need members of communities to understand their roles and how important it is that they get involved to make a difference to the lives of vulnerable children living within their localities.



There are many other opportunities to volunteer with us, please contact us for more information through our online form, here...

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