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The Host: Dorcas Utkovic


Mercy Akongo

Mercy is a Social Justice Activist, a strong voice for a fair and Just Society.

She was a Member of the African Youth Parliament and An Action Partner of Oxfam International Youth Partnership. she is also the Winner of the Nelson Mandela`s Innovation Award amidst others. 

Ms Akongo , founded This Life Foundation following her personal experiences working with internally displaced people in  camps in the war torn Northern Uganda

Meet the Team


Alison Farajala

Ali is the Project Manager at National Australian Bank (NAB), Ambassador (One Young World Foundation)

Scholar ( Monash Global Discovery Leadership Program)


His  Passion & Motivation

Education & Poverty Alleviation

Community Engagement & Sustainability

Youth Empowerment & Development


Lilian Kikuvi

 A Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Evangelist, Keynote Speaker and Facilitator.
Originally from Kenya, Lilian has a vision to see a world where diverse people realise their full potential and thrive because of their difference.

Susanne Ech

An interdisciplinary communicator, aspiring social innovator aiming to facilitate collaboration for social and economic inclusion.


  Susanne has worked in a variety of industries including economic development, social enterprise, education and more recently corporate services in a government environment.


Brian Macharia

Brian is Results-oriented Director with 10+ years of experience in the enhancement of financial and business operations to streamline processes and optimize social, environmental and financial performance.

Anna Osherov_edited.jpg

Anna Osherov

Anna Osherov is an event marketing expert creating a community of Eventologists and 14 years’ experience working directly with business owners. Anna Osherov is the CEO and founder of the Holistic Business Hub and an event-marketing expert who works with business people to create eventologists: people who build their business by running successful events


Dorcas Utkovic

The Founder/Producer & Host of OZ AFRICAN TV.

The Program Manager at AIME Mentoring leading the African Australian Stream

She is a Creative Producer/Coordinator for One Beat One Love Festival

Dorcas also a Fine Artist, Writer and Filmmaker.

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