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Youth Participation


This Life Foundation seeks to support and to facilitate  collaboration between young people in the Diaspora and those in Africa in order to shape and influence effective leadership and good governance in the continent. Africa is a rich continent yet the majority of its population still lives in fear and engulfed in extreme poverty with millions dying from  preventable diseases. This is as a result of lack of education and lack of a democratic space for citizens`   participation in the development process.


Our mission is to create a platform for engagement and to ensure full participation through trainings, mentorship, exchange visits, petitions and through submissions to Africa`s head of states during the OAU gatherings and through other regional and international platforms.



Opportunities for Young People

March 13, 2015


This Life Foundation invites young people from African background to register for the mentorship opportunities available with us.


Following months of consultations with young people from African background and their families, we have created opportunities to provide support to young people dealing with social challenges and lacking moral support and the guidance they need in our communities and the larger Australian society. Our findings shows that, a number of young people from African background struggle to fit in Australian society due to discrimination, lack of moral support, lack of information and inaccessible to services. It also shows a struggle with career choice and the general lack of motivation due to setbacks experienced and a feeling of lack of belongingness.


We have the opportunity to provide mentoring services to young people from African backgrounds. Our

Mentorship programs has been designed to ensure our clients have a one-0n-one support from their assigned mentos. Our mentors comprises of Volunteers with high level of skills and experiences in different fields. This is to ensure that every young people we work with is matched with the right person with the right skills and experience.


We therefore invite application from young, please take advantage of this services by contacting us on email:

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