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Thematic Areas



Education: To provide access to education, skills training and access to employment opportunities and to support, empower and mentor young Africans into responsible leaders and productive members of the  Australian society and to Africa.


Leadership & Participation: To lobby and advocate for active participation of young African-Australians in the development processes both in Australia and in Africa.

African child's rights: To advocate, protect and defend the rights of African children both in Africa and in Australia; preserving and      protecting their rights and human dignity.


Socio-economic Development: To empower and support child-headed families, victims of  sexual gender violence; and to contribute   towards the eradication of extreme poverty.


Psycho-social and medical support:  To provide psycho-social support to members of the African communities dealing with mental Health issues and to provide counseling to young people struggling with social problems within a safe  environment.


Networking & Partnership: We seek to work in collaboration with organizations/bodies  working in line with our mission

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