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Youth Participation


 We would like to draw young African-Australians to issues affecting the development of Africa; and to empower, train and mentor potential young people into responsible leaders. Young  African-Australians` roles is vital in the development of Africa but they do not have the opportunities and channels to participate in what is taking place in the continent. Our mission is to create a platform for engagement and to ensure full participation through trainings, mentorship, exchange visits, petitions and through submissions to Africa`s head of states during the OAU gatherings and through other regional and international platforms.

Cultural Exchange


As culture is a very important part of our lives, our aim is to educate, engage and share the different beautiful African cultures with the larger Australian communities through exchange visits, cultural performances in schools, universities, public events, and through other cultural institutions.

We also have opportunities for volunteers from other cultural backgrounds who would like to learn and participate in our cultural activities (music and dance) to create awareness for themselves about the African cultures and to support the work of the foundation.

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Leadership and Governance


This Life Foundation seeks to support and to facilitate  collaboration between young people in the Diaspora and those in Africa in order to shape and influence effective leadership and good governance in the continent. Africa is a rich continent yet the majority of its population still lives in fear and engulfed in extreme poverty with millions dying from  preventable diseases. This is as a result of lack of education and lack of a democratic space for citizens`   participation in the development process.

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Psychosocial support
To establish and build a culturally appropriate drop-in café (All Colour Café) to provide support and counseling to young people struggling with social problems within a safe  environment
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