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Conquer Fear, Be Free & Serve!


The Director of This Life Foundation developed fear and hatred for motorcycles after losing her sixteen (16) years old younger brother in a motorcycle accident in 2007. Since then, she has never ridden on a motorcycle and is always terrified to see friends, family or anyone on a motorcycle. This year, she has decided to let go and to conquer this fear by actually going on a motorcycle ride. The team invite you to support her by either joining the ride or making a donation towards buying motorcycles for This Life Foundation Volunteers in Uganda. The Foundation operates in the region with very poor road conditions with areas inaccessible to vehicles especially during the rainy season. The motorcycles will be very useful for the volunteers to access the hard to reach areas ensuring that they are constantly in touch with families and the kids we support.


Thank you for your support!


This Life Foundation Team




“I used to love motorcycles, then I developed extreme hatred and fear towards them after I lost my little brother in a painful motor accident. He was just a sixteen (16) years old lovely kid full of life, very kind and respectful, a very friendly human being. My brother was riding his motorbike when he collided with a car at an intersection, landed on his head; cracked his skull and somehow had his forehead removed, he never woke up. After undergoing medical surgery, he endured great pain for two (2) days; he never said a word nor did he wake up - we lost him and my heart stopped! Out of all my siblings, we had a greater connection and were very close, I loved him. Since then, I developed a hatred for motorcycles, I'm terrified each time I see a loved one, friends or anyone close to me riding one.  I've since lived in slavery to this machine for years because my family members including the extended families just love motorcycles and I have constantly lived in fear of their safe return home.

I have decided to break this chain of fear by taking my first ride again since 2007, I am letting it go because my brother loved motorcycles and I loved him. I am sure he would still be riding motorcycles if he had survived that accident and for my sake and his, I am going to face this fear by going on a ride (with a safe rider). I am not going to let this machine control me instead i will take control by letting go of the fear and dread I have for it.

I therefore invite volunteers to either take this historic ride with me or donate towards buying motorcycles for our volunteers working in Northern Uganda. You can also organise individual Ride With Me' events to fundraise towards getting our volunteers motorcycles which will be their means of transport. We have very poor road networks in the region in which we are working; sometimes it is impossible for cars especially during rainy seasons. Motorcycles will definitely make our volunteers` work easier. There is need to have access to the families and children we support in Northern Uganda and this would be the best gifts to our Uganda team.

I call on all well-wishers to support me on this ride, in remembrance of my brother; let`s make a difference, thank you”


Mercy Akongo

To participate in the `Ride With Me`, click here

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