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Our Values



Compassion: Welcoming and supporting all with  kindness, and understanding without prejudice or judgment.


Integrity: We strive to promote, maintain and uphold the mission, vision and the values of the foundation. We hold ourselves to a high standard of integrity within the foundation and seek to instill this same  commitment to those we work with.


Courage: We believe one has to be disciplined to become a true leader and to standup for what is right at all times. We are self-reflective, thoughtful and  committed to sustainability and accountability.

Advocacy: Working to transform the causes of poverty and challenging the causes of human injustice.


Transformation: We believe change begins with you and we are committed to this through empowerment, social change to foster self and communities growth.


Sisterhood &Brotherhood: We are committed to growing a strong network of solidarity and support among African women and men by providing a space to safely share experiences and to empower each other to be able to adapt and live productively in Australia without loosing their values and norms as Africans.


Empathy: Establishing and maintaining relationships based on respect, trust, and friendship

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