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Support & Empower Vulnerable Children

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How You Can Help

$25 is enough to provide a highly nutritious meals to a child a fortnight.

$20 will provide a child scholastic materials monthly, give a child peace of mind at school by taking care of his books, bags, pens etc

$20 gives a child access to health services monthly.

This Life Foundation Annual Dinner


Grand Royale, Granville NSW

30th October, 2015



This Life Foundation held its annual fundraising dinner on 30th October at the Grand Royale, Granville. The dinner was attended by 170 guests that includes representatives from universities, Local Members of Parliament, Community leaders, Civil society, sport industries and the mainstream Australian communities.

The dinner was organised to raise funds to support vulnerable child-headed families in Oyam, Pader and Abim of North and North-eastern Uganda respectively.


Many children have been orphaned, their parents were killed by the LRA or died in the IDP camps from preventable diseases or from the HIV/AIDS epidemic. It is estimated nearly three million children in Uganda have lost one or both parents, that there are an estimated 42,000 children head households. The majority of the population still remaining in the IDP camps are children who have nowhere to go.


The Foundation is raising funds to build a learning center for orphaned children and to provide support to child-mothers.

Inspirational Obed Karwhin

West Tiger Player

The Ivory Coast native, Obed Karwhin shares his journey to Australia that started at the age of two (2) as he flee from the war in Ivory Coast. His journey showed courage, resilience, determination and hope that landed him in Australia which he now calls home and plays for the West Tigers. During his speech at the recent dinner, Obed said he refuse the saying, `the sky is the limit` stating that,


"People say the sky is the limit, but for me the sky is not the limit because i have not been to the moon yet"


Obed Karwhin arrived in Australia at the age of 8 with his mother as a refugee fleeing persecution and he has beaten all odds to reach where he is today.


Mercy Akongo was presented an Award by Celebrate African NSW in recognition of her engagement with African Australian Communities in NSW and her generous work in Africa.

Speaking at the dinner, Julia Finn MP, Member of Granville


One of the things we enjoy is getting to know our kids and spending time with them. Please meet some of our children, get to know them and share their dreams

Left to Right: d`Arcy Lunn (Teaspoon of Change), Mercy Akongo (This Life Foundation). Julia Finn MP (Member for Granville), Rosemary Kariuki  (African Women Group), Jane Chimungeni-Brassington (Samaki Eco-Systems)

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