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Child/Family Sponsorship

Child sponsordhip comes in different forms and it depend on the needs of the families being supported by the Foundation. The children or families who are beneficiairies of our programs are critically vulnerable and they are in need of support in all areas of their lives i.e. education, medical access, Psychosocial Support,  clothings and nutritional needs. The foundation provides direct support to disadvantaged children, particularly orphaned children who lost their parents to HIV/AIDS, diseases contracted while living in Internally Displaced Persons` Camps or whose parents were either abducted or killed by the Lord Resistance Army led by Joseph Kony. We also support families with a single parent living with disabilities as a result of the over two (2) decades civil war in Northern Uganda. Our support ranges from helping a child stay in school through child sponsorship, providing psychosocial support to children exposed to traumatic events, provision of scholastic materials, providing access to medical services and ensuring children do not go hungry.


Sponsors are free to support an area of their choice which could be part- sponsorship covering one area for instance education or cost towards pyschosocial support, but they are also free to support a child or family fully if they wish to do so.




Every child has a right to education but not every child is previledged enough to afford education.  You can help a child stay in school by contributing $40/monthly which will go towards paying school fees, school boarding costs, scholastic materials including school uniforms.



Sponsors will be supplied with school payment receipts every term and every single coin donated will be accounted for to the individual sponsor.Sponsors are free to sponsor one child or more than one sibling if they wish to do so.



Medical services


We are working towards ensuring every child has access to medical services. Research shows that most of the children born in Internally Displaced Persons` Camps in Northern Uganda has not been immunised or ever received any modern medical services due to affordability problem.


We encourage sponsors to join us by either donating as a one off support or by picking a family and supporting them continously.


Psycho-social Support


Some of the children we are supporting has experienced traumatic events which is affecting their normal daily lives. This Life Foundation works in partnership with health staffs, social workers, teachers, counsellors and we need you to come on board to make this possible.


The social workers and Guardian Angel Mentors`s role is to support them by working closely with schools, these families and the health workers to ensure the children identified are treated, monitored and continously supported.





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