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The Purpose of This Life Foundation Dinner

In Support of child-headed families in Northern Uganda and young people in contact or at risk of contact with the justice system in Australia


Project in Africa

The Civil War in Northern Uganda led by Joseph Kony ended in 2006 but it left behind devastating losses to the people of Northern Uganda which will take many years to recover from. As the able bodied people picked up their lives after the war and resettled back in their ancestral homes, thousand of orphaned children and the elderly are still left behind stranded in Internal Displaced Person Camps with nowhere to go. They have fallen victims to land grab that came with displacement/resettlement, and also the lack of resources and the ability to claim their land and homes leaving especially orphaned children highly vulnerable and at risk of exploitation. 


The foundation currently provides direct support to child-headed families and orphaned children who have fallen to the war as their parents were either abducted, killed by Joseph Kony`s rebels or died of diseases including HIV/AIDS. Our support ranges from helping a child stay in school through child sponsorship, providing psycho-social support to children exposed to traumatic events, provision of scholastic materials, providing access to medical services and family packages to ensure children do not go hungry.

Support to Vulnerable Women 

Supports vulnerable Women who are victims of family violence, overwhelmed by family pressure and which has left them socially isolated, economically dis-empowered, and living with mental illnesses. 

There are many opportunities to partnership with us, we invite you to come on board in any capacity  and you can start by buying a ticket to this dinner. Let it start with you and we can create a better world and future.

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