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Christmas Eve Visit and Gifts


On Christmas eve, our Uganda team visited families in Northern Uganda with Christmas gifts for critically vulnerable children living with their grandparents. Our volunteers were supported by the community leaders who also joined our volunteers providing distribution gifts to families. Please check out the pictures below and read the summary of these families situations. We welcome any support to continue to support these families and many others not in the picture.

This Life Foundation with the family of five orphaned children and their grandparents. All their parents are dead and they are left with the helpless grandparents who are sick themselves. Their grandmother is very sick and visits the hospital every month for blood transfusion and the old boy aged 13 dropped out of school and currently doing casual labour work to support the family.




“We were able to deliver a lot of food items, packages of clothes and this really was a good choice for these families. I could see the new life in the first family of five children we visited. They have two old grandparents who really look helpless. The families who were selected by community leaders were perfect and they whole community was happy that they are being supported. I thank This Life Foundation for making me part of this, the opportunity to make a difference in the most evident way. Patricia of This Life Foundation was fantastic, and together with the team did a great job.On behalf of the volunteers and family members whose lives have now taken a new turn, we say thank you to you and to the supporters/donors of This Life Foundation who are behind this noble work. I feel lucky as a volunteer and that I was able to witness lives changed all of a sudden, and hope restored, with more people ready to volunteer now than I have ever seen”

- Fred Ogwal, This Life Foundation Volunteer

Fred, Ben & Kella

Kella & Ben

The two little girls (sisters) are orphaned left with a single mother with no support at all. She does not have a job or any activity to take care of herself and her children, she needs to be empowered to start up a business to support her family.

These two brothers are total orphans whose parents perished to the war in Northern Uganda. One of their parent was abducted by the rebels and never returned home, while the other was killed by the rebels. This is their grandmother who has been looking after them as little kids but she is unable to pay their schools fees and other basic needs

Family of six (6) children


On the left is three of the six (6) orphan children with one of our volunteers, Justus Ochen.


Mercy Akongo encountered this family of six (6) orphan children after she met with their mother just three (days) before her death. After helping bury the body of these kids` mother, Ms Akongo learnt that there was no one left to look after them. The oldest boy is 16 years old and the oldest girl is 14 years old; with the youngest just three (3) years old. As Mercy was talking to the oldest girl (14 years old, not in the picture) a day after the funeral at their home, the girl turned to her with tears streaming down her face and said; “Aunt, I Hate This Life!”


This family badly need assistance to be able to meet their basic human needs. Currently the three (3) older siblings have dropped out of school since their mother`s death due to lack of fees. They need to return to school and desperately in needs of assistance

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