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Chris Robinson: Body.Skin.Soul

This Life Foundation is a new initiative currently being supported by our generous priceless Volunteers in communities within Australia and Uganda. These outstanding individuals has made things happened at the foundation, ensuring that disadvantaged orphaned children in the war-torn Northern Uganda get education, access health services, access mentors and Chris Robinson has been one of our priceless gift. Chris donated his time and skills to ensure the foundation`s website is up and running and he did an amazing job at zero fee except one; that child-headed families have a better future than what they have today.

Chris Robinson is a Master Trainer and he has been in the fitness industry for 7 years now and currently based in Sydney, Australia. Chris is not only a Personal Trainer, he also has a very strong passion for cooking and healthy eating, which has seen "Fresh Fitness Meals" being born. He has now combined his areas of expertise and created BODYSKINSOUL, a leading personal training and fitness meal company servicing Sydney.

The difference between Body.Skin.Soul and other training facilities is their attention to detail with each and every client. Once you become their client, they make it their top priority to make you feel and look amazing! They offer both indoor and mobile training. If you have an outdoor area you would like to train in or perhaps an area at work, home, nearby park or beach, they can bring all their equipment to you!

Chris is not only business oriented as you can see, he also has a big heart and he is making a difference around him. The foundation invites you to support his business to enable him do even much greater things in the lives of those less priviledged.


To contact Chris or learn more about Body.Skin.Soul, please check out his website by clicking the link below.

Home at This Life Foundation!

Video: Life is a Journey

Please check out what This Life Foundation is up to in Uganda in this ten (10) minutes video clip (Life is a Journey); the reason we need more local Heroes like Chris Robinson

Invitation: This Life Foundation Dinner

 This Life Foundation invites you to the fundraising dinner, in support of vulnerable abused orphaned children in Northern Uganda. Please click the link below for more information

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