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Sponsor a child


Every child has a right to education but not every child is previledged enough to afford education. Most of these children were born in Displaced Person`s Camps with no access to education, some lost their parents to diseases, others lost their parents to the civil war i.e. the Lord Resistance Army (Uganda and Central Africa) who have either abducted them or killed them and the children are left with no support.


We would like to partnership with you to ensure these children have a future by sponsoring them in schools. At just $40 a month, you will keep a child in school, buy them scholastic materials, feed them  and ensure they are dressed decently.

Ben & Bella


Bella and Ben are siblings and they need help with their education. Please contact us to sponsor them.

Brian & Clynt


Brian and Clynt are in need of school fees to be able to get good education. For $40 a month, you will be able to keep Brian and Clynt in school.


Doreen & Awilli

Doreen and Awilli are siblings, both needs support to be able to study. Please contact us to sponsor them in school

Adongo & Apio

Adongo and Apio are twins, and they are in need of support with their educational needs. Please contact us to sponsor these two beautiful girls.


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