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Celebration of African Inc. NSW


Australians Celebration of African Australians Annual Awards Dinner NSW

We are glad to annouce that our very own Mercy Akongo has been nominated to receive an award at Celebrate Africans NSW Dinner Award scheduled for 2nd of October 2015. The nomination is in recognition of her work with African Australians communities in New South Wales and for her generous work in Africa.

African Australians contribute so much to this great country. We have iconic African Australians in sports, medicine, law and entertainment. Several others are captains of industry, entrepreneurs and celebrities. In addition, many serve the government and community in various capacities.


Behind the successes of African Australians are several Australian organizations, businesses and individuals that empower and support the African community in a unique way.


Therefore, the aim of Celebration of African Australians Inc ("Celebrate") is to celebrate, appreciate and showcase the contributions of African Australians to our collective growth and prosperity.  Our objectives also include honouring Australian organizations, businesses and individuals that support the African community.

This is a flow-on from the United Nation’s proclamation of 2011 as the International Year for People of African Descent.


Mercy is former member of African Youth Parliament, Oxfam International Youth Partnership and has been very active at local, national and international level including at the United Nations where she had the opportunity to work for six months at the UN HQ, New York. She is well known at both local and international platforms as a Human Rights Activist and has made numerous submissions at the United Nation and presented at many international forums.



Ms Akongo started up This Life Foundation to continue making a difference to the less previledged in Africa. She is the Ambassador of the Good Samaritan Children`s Home (Mathare, Nairobi - Kenya) and she is also supporting vulnerable children in the North and Northeastern Uganda.


Through This Life Foundation, Ms Akongo is also supporting vulnerable African families specifically mentoring young people lacking role models in their lives and African families affected by domestic and family violence.








"I think everyone deserve the opportunities in life. no matter who you are or where you come from, we all deserve a fair go including receiving support to be the best we can be. My job is to stand with and give strength to the weak, defend and protect those who are vulnerable. I will die a happy woman knowing my effort has brought a lasting smile to someone`s face because their lives has changed for the better" ~ Mercy Akongo

Come Celebrate with Mercy Akongo at the Award Dinner on 02 December, 2015 in Lidcome. Please register to attend;


Mercy Akongo

Director, This Life Foundation

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