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Appeal for Help!

The foundation is currently supporting critically vulnerable children in Northern and Northeastern Uganda. Most of the children we support have lost their parents to the war in Northern Uganda, or diseases that came as a consequences of displacement and poor sanitation within the Internally Displaced Persons` Camps and in villages. Your support is very crucial and we highly encourage you to come on board

Critically Vulnerable Family of Five (5)

& Two (2) Fragile grandparents


This family comprise of five children – 3 boys (aged 13, 8, and 5) and 2 girls (aged 16 and 17). These children live with their old grandparents who have been taking care of them since their parents passed away.


The grandparents have no source of income and are struggling to raise these children. Their grandmother is currently in a very bad health state and she visit the hospital periodically (every month) for a blood transfusion.


The oldest of the boys dropped out of school for lack of fees. He now engages in casual labour work to support his old grandparents. You can imagine at just 13 years of age, this child is labouring to look after his family meanwhile his future is dark. As a boy, society tells him he is a man of the family who is expected to take care of them. The little man is doing just that, labouring to fulfill society`s demand, to survive and for his family to survive. If you agree this is wrong, please come to his rescue and put him back in school.

The two older girls have lagged behind in their education. At their age, both of them could be in secondary school, but they are still in primary. This is largely because of uncertainty of the source of school fees forcing them to skip school during some terms of study. 


The grandparents worry that these young girls might end up getting married or pregnant before they can accomplish their education. They also worry of what might happen to their grandchildren in the event of their death because of their advanced age.

When This Life Foundation volunteers reached out to this family to share some Christmas gifts including clothes, soap, sanitary pads, smearing oil and food items, it was clearly a moment of joy. The grandmother shaded tears of joy saying, “So there are kind people out there who recognise our plight as we struggle to give the last years of our lives to these orphaned children….”


Friends, this is not enough! This family needs much more than a one-off gifts of clothes, soap and so on; these children needs education for a better future, they need a sustainable source of food to avoid starvation, they require medical support and that little boy (not in picture) should not be labouring at the age of 13.


We invite you to be a gift in these kids` lives, be the Guardian Angel and provide support  either as a one-off gift or continously to restore hope to them and a secure future. Please get in touch with us if you want to be that miracle to this family today!

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